Facelift in Portland

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, facelift was one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2019. Despite facelift’s popularity, some people remain in the dark about the potential benefits — or worse, believe negative stereotypes about the procedure (e.g., patients always look frozen or artificial after surgery).

If you are not familiar with the benefits of facelift, Portland, OR surgeon David Magilke has you covered. Read on as he explains how facelift can help you look youthful and vibrant.

Comprehensive Solution to Common Signs of Aging

Facelift addresses multiple signs of aging in the midface, jawline and neck. During surgery, Dr. Magilke removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles and tissues and re-drapes the skin smoothly over the face and neck. This minimizes or eliminates the appearance of the following signs of aging:

  • Sagging skin around the midface area, jawline and neck
  • Creases between the nose and corners of the mouth
  • Wrinkles and lines between the corners of the mouth and chin
  • Unsightly double chin
  • Jowls or lack of definition along the jawline
  • Facial fat that has fallen or become displaced

The key to achieving results that look natural and beautiful is to find a gifted Portland, OR, facelift surgeon like Dr. Magilke. His in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and advanced surgical techniques will help you look like a younger and more attractive version of yourself.

Easily Combined With Other Rejuvenating Procedures

Facelift targets the midface and lower face and neck, but it does not treat the upper face. The procedure can be performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures to restore a youthful look to the eyelids, eyebrows and/or forehead. If you desire full face rejuvenation, combining facelift with another procedure like brow lift or eyelid lift into a single operation can save you valuable time and money.

Look Better, Feel Better

How you look — and how you feel about your appearance — directly affects your self-esteem and confidence. When you feel attractive, your confidence and self-esteem will soar. With more confidence, you may be more outgoing and approachable. You may have the energy and motivation to attend more social events than you normally would. Meeting new people may become an exciting possibility. The confidence that comes with feeling good about yourself can help you to try things you never thought you could.

Gain a Competitive Edge in the Workplace

Do you work in a competitive field like sales, and find that your coworkers keep getting younger and hungrier for success? The confidence that you will gain with facelift can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in the workplace. A refreshed, energetic appearance can help you project the right impression, be taken seriously at work, close deals and secure promotions.

Imagine What Facelift Can Do for You

If you are considering facelift in Portland, OR, Dr. Magilke would be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs and goals. Please contact our practice to request a consultation with him today.