When patients look at old photographs, one of the most startling differences they notice between their current and former selves is the change to their eyes. The brow gets heavier with extra skin and the upper eyelid begins to droop, adding years to their appearance. At his Portland office, Dr. David D. Magilke offers upper eyelid surgery, also known as upper blepharoplasty or eye lift, to patients who want to restore the previous look of their eyelids.    

What Upper Eyelid Surgery Can (and Cannot) Do

Going over the Upper Eyelid Surgery Process

As people get older, it is common for extra weight and skin to amass just above their eyes. That added weight can lead to a condition known as “hooding” in which the upper eyelid droops over the lash line. For some people, hooding is not only less conventionally attractive, but it can also impair vision by covering up too much of the eye.  

Unfortunately, upper eyelid surgery is unable to address the lines and crow’s feet around the eye. To treat those issues, Dr. Magilke can speak with you about non-surgical treatments like Botox and dermal fillers

Upper Eyelid Surgery Details

After numbing the patient with local anesthesia, Dr. Magilke makes an incision in each upper eyelid so that he may remove unwanted fat and skin. This cut is strategically placed around the crease that naturally appears on the upper eyelid so that the scar will not be visible to people you interact with.

The entire surgery is usually completed in about an hour, although in many cases patients will undergo upper eyelid surgery at the same time as another procedure like lower eyelid surgery or a surgery that rejuvenates the bottom half of the face like facelift or neck lift.  

Who Is a Good Candidate for Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Most patients with hooded eyelids or extra fat that collects just above the eye who would like to rejuvenate the appearance of their eyes are suitable candidates for upper eyelid surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Magilke will assess whether you are in overall good health and have reasonable expectations for surgery to confirm your candidacy.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Recovery

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For most patients, post-surgery discomfort is moderate, and certainly manageable with painkillers — just skip the aspirin since it thins your blood. Your eyes will understandably be tired in the days following the surgery, so be sure to give them plenty of rest by limiting activities that may strain them like reading or watching television.

It generally takes several days for the swelling to subside, but most patients will feel and look well enough to return to work after a week, at about the same time when your sutures are removed. Take an additional week before reintroducing exercise to your routine, and be sure to choose activities that do not leave you prone to eye injury.

Schedule a Upper Blepharoplasty Consultation

To discuss upper eyelid surgery with one of Portland’s most respected facial plastic surgeons, contact Dr. Magilke’s office at (503) 297-6511 to schedule a consultation. There, he will examine your eyelids and provide you a realistic description of what upper blepharoplasty can achieve for your specific face.