Male Facelift before and after in Portland, OR

Approximately 10 percent of facelifts are performed on men, although you might not have guessed the figure was that high given that men are much less likely to discuss their procedures.

Male facelift typically differs from the kind of facelift that woman seek. Here Dr. David Magilke, who has worked with many male patients, discusses these differences as well as the benefits of male facelift procedures.

What Male Facelift Treats (and What It Does Not)

Typically, a man who wants male facelift is looking for changes to the bottom half of his face. The changes he seeks include a strong, defined jawline and less skin sagging beneath the chin — an inevitable consequence of aging. In many cases, the sagging skin issue is not simply a matter of aesthetics, but the fact that it is so much more difficult to shave around jowls.

Many of the lines that women complain about around their eyes and brows are not considered nearly as unattractive for a man and can instead contribute to a distinguished, handsome face. Pulling skin too tightly in that area can leave men with an unnatural look. For that reason, male facelift treads lightly in those areas.

That said, desires differ from patient to patient. During your consultation, communicate the specific areas you would like to see changed so that Dr. Magilke can provide you a realistic picture of what a male facelift can accomplish.

Male Facelift Recovery

Recovery times differ depending on the individual, though most patients will recover from male facelift in a couple of weeks and then be cleared to resume full and normal physical activity after a month. It often takes an additional month or so for the swelling around your face to subside and reveal the full effects of the surgery. 

How Male Facelift is Different from Female Facelift?

In addition to the aesthetic goals being different with male facelift, there are other biological disparities that Dr. Magilke takes into deliberation. On the whole, facial skin is thicker on a man than a woman. If the skin is pulled too much, it will no longer appear as masculine.   

Men also carry a lot more blood in their face. That blood is there to aid in growing facial hair and to supply the aforementioned thick skin. Dr. Magilke understands how to handle the extra blood and avoid the complications and infections that may arise in the hands of a less skilled surgeon. 

Facelift for Men Consultation

So many of the incision considerations are different given a man’s hair. For starters, the incisions a doctor makes by the ear for a woman need to be shifted to account for sideburn growth. Consequently, those cuts need to be that much more precise to remain inconspicuous. 

In fact, doctors traditionally utilize the patient’s hairline to better hide incisions, but that is not an option for all men, particularly as they age. Baldness and receding hairlines necessitate other precise cuts, and through experience Dr. Magilke understands the ideal discreet placements where excellent healing can occur.

Choose a Doctor with Male Facelift Experience

Any doctor who does facelift procedures on men and women will acknowledge that the male variety is more complicated. Accordingly, be wary of any doctor who says that they have a lot of facelift experience but only furnishes photos of women as an example.

Dr. Magilke has the skills to enhance a man’s facial attractiveness without sacrificing his masculinity. Contact Portland Face Doctor to schedule a consultation.