Can a Facelift Land You a New Job?

“We need jobs! Should we spend some of our severance pay on cosmetic surgery to improve our chances of being hired?” Okay, it’s no secret anymore. The economy in America is gloomy and many high level executives have lost their jobs. While some families seem to be weathering the storm with few concerns, there clearly … Continue Reading →

Do Facelifts Have a Place on Facebook?

“The last thing you want showing up on your Facebook wall,” she said, “is a headline that reads, ‘Do you have a turkey neck?’ ” After resisting at first, I joined Facebook this year, and started following what my friends were doing and saying. Now I know what’s for dinner at my medical school roommate’s … Continue Reading →

No Special Treatment For Friends

“Couldn’t we still do the procedure?” he asked. “After all, I would be stopping 4 days ahead of surgery, rather than 7 days.” Last Monday I got an unexpected break. A close friend had decided to have surgery in our clinic, but then took aspirin four days before the procedure and had to reschedule. Luckily, … Continue Reading →