Upper Eyelid Surgery for Men in Portland.

Because skin and lines around your eyes are one of the clearest indicators of your age, upper eyelid surgery is one of the most sought out cosmetic treatments among men. With upper eyelid surgery (also known as upper blepharoplasty,) Dr. David Magilke can help restore a more youthful glow while also maintaining a classic, masculine appearance.

What Does Male Upper Eyelid Surgery Treat?

As the years wear on, it is common for people to develop droopy upper eyelids. Not only does a saggy eyelid look older and less attractive, but in some cases it can impair your ability to see fully. Your health insurance may even cover the procedure if the vision obstruction is significant enough.

Male upper eyelid surgery gets rid of the extra skin that pulls your eyelid downward. Dr. Magilke can also take out fat deposits that accumulate next to the eyelid for further rejuvenation.   

How Does Male Upper Eyelid Surgery Work?

Dr. Magilke uses the crease that naturally exists in the upper eyelid to conceal his incision. After making this cut, he removes the excess skin and any unwanted fat. The surgery lasts about an hour, and Dr. Magilke will suture the incision upon completion.  

Many patients will choose to have upper eyelid surgery done in conjunction with another procedure; Dr. Magilke can advise you as to whether you are a good candidate for that depending on your goals and overall health.

Male Upper Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Recovery from Male Upper Eyelid Surgery

Because this surgery affects your eyes, you will have to plan to give your eyes rest in the days following the procedure. Although watching movies and reading are relaxing activities after most types of surgery, that is not the case for upper blepharoplasty. 

Generally, the pain is minor and only lasts a day or two; Dr. Magilke can prescribe painkillers — aspirin is off-limits because it thins the blood — to minimize discomfort. Swelling may last longer than a couple days, but most patients will be able to re-enter the world without showing obvious signs of surgical work in about a week’s time.

How Male Upper Blepharoplasty Differs from Female Blepharoplasty

The procedure for men is not radically different than upper eyelid surgery for women, but most male faces look significantly different from female faces around the eyes. In addition to men having thicker skin, the shape of their brows and eyelids is more rugged.

In other words, you need to seek out a surgeon with experience performing plastic surgery on male faces to make sure he keeps and enhances features that are attractive and common in men. Otherwise, your eyes may end up looking more feminine and unnatural following the procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Magilke has the experience to make your eyelids more youthful without sparing any masculinity.

Set Up a Blepharoplasty Consultation

Remember, it is important to select a doctor who not only has experience performing upper eyelid surgery, but one who has worked extensively on male faces to make sure it enhances your appearance. In the Portland area, your best bet is Dr. Magilke, so give his office a call at (503) 297-6511 to schedule an appointment.