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Some people do not have a visible fold in their upper eyelids. In fact, approximately 50 percent of ethnic Asians lack the fold. While most people are fine with this anatomical difference, some would prefer to have the visible fold to draw more attention to their eyes. Dr. David Magilke, one of Portland’s top facial plastic surgeons, has performed Asian blepharoplasty (aka double eyelid surgery) on many such patients to provide them with small changes that leave them more satisfied with their own appearance.

Blepharoplasty Consultation

During the consultation, Dr. Magilke will show you pictures of different eyelid shapes to determine the precise look you are searching for. While many Asian blepharoplasty patients are seeking “westernized” eyes with a deeper crease, some want less of a crease to enhance their more traditionally Asian features.

Other Asian and Asian-American patients do not want to touch their crease (or lack thereof) at all. They may be seeking blepharoplasty for the same reason patients of other ethnicities want this treatment, like removing excess fat from the area or increasing symmetry between eyelids on both sides of the face.

All of these outcomes are achievable with surgery, and Dr. Magilke understands how to alter specific aspects of the eyelids without making the overall eye shape look any less Asian in nature.

How Asian Blepharoplasty Works

With the understanding that Asian blepharoplasty can mean different things to different patients, the most common type of Asian blepharoplasty is double eyelid surgery. Ahead of this procedure, Dr. Magilke will draw a line where he intends to make an incision to make sure it is to the liking of the patient.  

Dr. Magilke will then apply local anesthesia and make an incision on the eyelid to create a crease once it is sutured up. The surgery itself normally takes about an hour to perform on both eyelids. Sutures will be removed at one of the multiple follow-up appointments scheduled to monitor your progress and healing.

Asian Blepharoplasty Recovery

Before/ After Asian Eyelid Surgery Results

Most patients experience only moderate pain, which can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain relievers. However, expect the swelling, bruising and dry eyes to last for several days; it is a good idea to also have eye drops on hand.

Patients are encouraged to take a vacation from work for at least a week to allow yourself sufficient time to rest and heal. It is imperative to keep your head elevated in these initial days. As you recover, take it easy on your eyes by limiting activities that could strain them such as watching movies or reading. Wait at least two weeks before resuming exercise.

Schedule a Consult with Dr. Magilke

When selecting a surgeon for Asian blepharoplasty, you should look for one who not only has experience performing eyelid surgery on ethnically Asian patients, but also has experience performing eyelid surgery to a variety of specifications.

Fortunately, Dr. Magilke fits that bill. He is happy to consult with you to discuss your wishes for your eyelids and contribute to you living a more content and confident life. To set up an appointment, call (503) 297-6511.