Before & After Browlift
Before & After Browlift

Your eyebrows should not crowd your eyes. You should also not have to contract your forehead just to keep your eyes open. In fact, the position of your eyebrows often determines how restful and energetic you appear. When your brows start to fall, an endoscopic brow lift by Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Magilke can help.

Endoscopic brow lifts utilize small incisions hidden in the hairline to minimize forehead lines and wrinkles, and elevate brows to reduce eyelid drooping. The procedure is performed using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques with quick recovery time. The result is a natural, relaxed eyebrow position that keeps you looking your best.

Are You A Candidate for Brow Lift Surgery?

Some signs to look for that may make you a good candidate for a Brow Lift:

  • Your face appears angry or stern even when your smiling.
  • You have forehead creases. You routinely use Botox® Cosmetic in your brow area.
  • You feel the need to “raise” your eyebrows to keep your eyes open. You shape eyebrows to make your eyes appear more open.

Results You Can Expect

Initially after surgery, swelling erases all lines in your forehead, giving the appearance of a completely smooth brow. After your swelling is completely resolved your forehead creases are still minimized, but the appearance is more natural. Your eyebrows rest in a natural position, avoiding the surprised look created by older techniques.

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