At Portland Face Doctor, Dr. David Magilke frequently meets with patients who are interested in the changes a facelift can provide, but are hesitant to commit to a surgical procedure with a lengthy recovery period. In these cases, Dr. Magilke likes to discuss mini-facelift — sometimes known as micro-facelift — as a less-invasive surgical option with less downtime.  

Benefits of Mini Facelift

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Mini facelift pulls the skin on the lower half of the face to minimize the appearances of mild lines and wrinkles. It also removes (or tightens up) the loose skin that forms around the jawline and chin. The result is usually having less-visible jowls and a face that appears several years younger than it did prior to surgery. 

What is the Difference Between Mini Facelift and Traditional Facelift?

With this procedure, “mini” essentially means a smaller incision. Although surgical approaches may differ from face to face, Dr. Magilke will generally use just two tiny incisions in this surgery, which means even smaller, less conspicuous scars.

While mini facelift can improve some of the sagging skin in the neck region, a full facelift procedure — or better yet, neck lift surgery — will do a better job of targeting that area specifically with the help of more incisions. 

By virtue of the procedure being less invasive, it is important to set your expectations accordingly. Mini facelift will not transform your face as much as a traditional facelift, which is why it is recommended for patients with less-severe signs of aging. The results may not last as long as they do with a typical facelift either, though that varies depending on how well you take care of your skin in the years to follow the surgery.  

Mini Facelift Candidates

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The best candidates for mini facelift are people in good health who do not smoke and have realistic expectations about what this less-invasive surgery can accomplish.

Though there is not a fixed age range for this procedure, it tends to be most successful on people with newer and milder signs of aging. If you have waited until your wrinkles have really set in, you are probably better suited to the full facelift procedure. That said, a consultation with Dr. Magilke is the way to determine the best course of action for your individual face.

Mini Facelift Recovery

Fewer and smaller incisions lead to less swelling and bleeding, which can cut your recovery time by as much as one half compared to a traditional facelift. Bruising may last longer, but makeup can conceal that. Many patients are ready to return to work and show their faces to the world at large in just one week.

Schedule a Consultation with Portland Face Doctor

Top facial plastic surgeon Dr. Magilke is happy to meet with prospective patients to have a lengthier conversation about mini facelift and the kind of changes he believes it can achieve for your own face. It can be difficult to figure out whether full surgery, less-invasive surgery or non-surgical treatment is the best way to rejuvenate your face, so allow a respected professional to help guide you through the options.