You can have a heavy neck, or a double chin, even if you are not overweight. You may have inherited this trait from your parents. If you do not have excess skin or significant sun damage, liposuction of the neck by Portland Face Doctor, Dr. David Magilke alone can often improve your appearance.

Neck liposuction permanently removes excess fat from your neck and reveals your natural jaw line and neck contour. The results are a thinner, more defined neck that makes you look as if you lost weight. If you’re concerned about excess fat around the chin, often resulting in a dreaded “double-chin” then Dr. Magilke will likely recommend a chin liposuction.

Are You A Candidate For Neck Liposuction?

Some signs to look for that may make you a good candidate for neck liposuction:

  • Men and women, both young and old
  • Your face has good skin tone, yet there is excess fat under the chin and jaw.
  • You have a double chin.
  • Your neck is “thick or full.”
  • Your face has a “weak chin.”
  • Overall, in good physical and mental health

What is the Recovery Like?

The recovery period for neck liposuction is similar to recovering from a face lift. There may be only a brief period of discomfort after surgery, and swelling and bruising can last as long as four to six weeks.

Usually patients can get back to work and their daily routine after a couple of weeks. You may be asked to wear a compression pad or garment for a few weeks.

Our surgeons highly recommend avoiding strenuous activity, including exercise, for at least three to four weeks after neck surgery. We advise patients who have jobs that require strenuous physical work to consider taking additional time off from work.

Can I Go Home After Surgery?

This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. There may be a waiting period after surgery is finished. But patients can expect to go home in a matter of hours depending on how long it takes for the anesthesia to wear off. Our surgery experts will examine you to determine whether it’s safe to go home after the procedure.

Are Neck/Chin Lipo Results Permanent?

To a certain extent, yes they can be permanent. The fat cell will be removed from the facial area, and will never return. However, if you were to gain weight the fat may come back to the chin & neck region.

Will There Be Visible Scarring?

Any kind of surgery will lead to scarring. However, our surgeons are trained to make the smallest incisions possible when performing neck liposuction. Also, the liposuction is performed under the chin area, where any scars can be easily concealed and often go unnoticed.

Results You Can Expect

The soft tissue under your chin and along the jaw line is reduced, creating a better angle between your jaw and neck. Your neck appears thinner. The fat removed from your neck is permanent, although people can still gain weight in their neck if their overall weight increases. To ensure that the results of a neck liposuction are long-lasting, we recommend that patients maintain approximately the same weight after the procedure.

If you are a patient who wants to learn more about neck liposuction, book a consultation with Dr. David Magilke, a board certified otolaryngologist (head and neck doctor) and facial plastic surgeon, to see if you are a good fit for this procedure. Portland patients can contact our office via email or at (503) 297-6511.

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