Do You Struggle with Excessive Underarm Sweat? Botox Treatment Can Help 

botox sweat treatment

Human beings need to sweat to regulate body temperature, but some people may experience excessive sweating for no discernable reason. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and may limit your clothing options and comfort in certain situations. Botox injections can effectively manage excessive underarm sweat by stopping and preventing the sweat glands from overproducing sweat.  

Botox Alternatives: Wrinkle Treatments That Work

BOTOX Alternatives in Portland

Botox is a safe, effective solution for noticeable facial wrinkles, but it isn’t right for everyone. You may have a fear of needles or feel uncomfortable with the idea of the upkeep needed to maintain Botox results long-term. Portland facial plastic surgeon David Magilke completely understands! Thanks to advancements in cosmetic medicine, he and our … Continue Reading →