Lower Eyelid Surgery for Men in Portland

No matter how young and alert you feel, the bags under your eyes can paint a whole different story. If the skin around your lower eyelids makes you look perpetually tired, it is not surprising that people wind up treating you accordingly. That is precisely why so many men come to Dr. David Magilke for lower eyelid surgery.

What Does Male Lower Eyelid Surgery Treat?

Male lower eyelid surgery (also known as lower blepharoplasty) specifically addresses the skin, wrinkles and fat immediately below the eye. The sagginess that often develops in this region can play a big role in making you appear more tired, so the aim is to take out the skin and fat to restore a more rested and youthful appearance.

Male Lower Eyelid Surgery Procedure Details

For male lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Magilke makes his incision slightly beneath the lower eyelash line unless a patient does not require skin removal, in which case the cut can be moved to inside the eyelid. Through this incision, Dr. Magilke is able to remove skin and fat, then tighten up the remaining skin and muscles.

The procedure lasts approximately one hour, and once complete, Dr. Magilke closes the incision with sutures, which should be invisible to the naked eye after it heals. Frequently, patients who choose lower eyelid surgery will also undergo another rejuvenation procedure during the same appointment. Ask Dr. Magilke if you are a good candidate for combining procedures during your consultation.     

Male Lower Eyelid Surgery Recovery

You should plan to take at least a week off of work, and avoid most physical activity for an additional week after that. You will experience some moderate pain in the couple days following surgery, but that can be treated with icepacks and Tylenol. (Ibuprofen is not recommended after blepharoplasty since it hinders your blood’s ability to clot.) 

Wear sunglasses when you do leave the house to protect your eyes from the elements while they are tender. They will also help conceal the post-surgery swelling and bruising — some patients look like they have been punched in the eye at first — until you have more fully recovered.    

Comparing Male Lower Blepharoplasty from Female Blepharoplasty

Results of Male Lower Eyelid Surgery

When it comes to lower eyelid surgery, male and female patients undergo remarkably similar procedures. However, the main difference is the art of the surgery. A doctor who normally only operates on women might be used to creating more feminized contours in their work.

Facial skin on a man is thicker, so it is important to not remove too much fat or pull the skin too tight. Ironically, it takes a delicate touch to leave a more deliberately “rugged” appearance. That is why it is smart to choose a doctor who has experience working specifically with male faces.  

Set Up a Blepharoplasty Consultation

Having performed surgery on many male patients, Dr. Magilke has developed a gift for enhancing male handsomeness. He knows how to remove the bags under your eyes for a more refreshed look that is not any less masculine. To speak with Dr. Magilke about what male lower eyelid surgery can do specifically for your face, schedule a consultation with Portland Face Doctor.