Welcome to our Rewards Point System.

Do you use a credit card that allows you to earn points or cash back from your purchases?  What a pleasant surprise!  Now you will also get rewards points at Portland Face Doctor.  It is automatic – you don’t need to sign up, carry a card or keep track of points yourself.  Basically you get 5% cash back for every dollar you spend, which can be applied to discounts for future treatments.  The system automatically adds points to your account when you check out.  When you have enough points in your account, you will automatically receive a discount off your next procedure.  It is that simple.

When you refer a friend, be sure to have them tell us you referred them.  The customary consultation fee for your friend will be waived and you will automatically receive reward points worth $50 to apply to your next treatment.  It will just automatically be there when you checkout.  Nice!

We want you to realize how much we appreciate taking care of you, and Rewards Points is just another way we are thanking you for your support.


Now Available: Brilliant Distinctions!

We are happy to announce that as of March 1st, 2013, we will be offering the Brilliant Distinctions Reward Program for our Allergan patients!  Earn Brilliant Distinctions points for every Botox or Juvéderm® treatment AND with any Latisse® purchase. Accumulated Brilliant Distinction points are converted to cash deductions for future treatments and can also be combined with our own reward system!  You can even choose to donate your reward values through Brilliant Distinction’s website.

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Program Outline:


100 Points  =  $10 Coupon            400 points  =  $40 Coupon

200 Points  =  $20 Coupon            500 points  =  $50 Coupon

300 points  =  $30 Coupon            600 points  =  $60 Coupon

  • ALWAYS print out and bring in your Brilliant Distinctions Coupon OR
  • Make sure you know your Brilliant Distinction Redemption Code Number.
  • You may check how many points you have to redeem by logging into your Brilliant Distinctions account.