• Clear + Brilliant™ by Solta – Gives your skin a softness and glow.
  • Quantum IPL by Lumenis – From facial veins to pigment issues, this laser is multi-purpose.
  • Acupulse by Lumenis – From scarring to pigment and texture issues, this laser technology addresses a lot of issues.
  • BBL (Broad Band Light) by Sciton – For people suffering from broken capillaries, Rosacea, and other pigment problems, this laser is often a great choice.
  • Profile Pro-Fractional Laser by Sciton – Perfect for overall skin improvement, this laser also helps counteract the effects of sun damage.
  • Varilite by Iridex – Known for its ability to correct facial veins and age spots, this laser is also effective with hair loss.

As you know, your skin is very important. Come in for a consultation. Our associates will help determine which laser treatment is right for you.

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