Portland men use Botox Cosmetic too

Okay, the secret is out. Men in Portland use BOTOX Cosmetic too. While a few character lines and wrinkles make you appear rustic and trust worthy, looking mad or concerned all the time can be a hindrance. Who wants to approach a salesman or boss that looks cross? A resting frown-line really can change the … Continue Reading →

BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport popular in Portland

While I remain passionate about surgery, I have to admit that BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport are among my favorite treatments. People visit our clinic to look better – rested, relaxed, happy, youthful. Relaxing muscles with BOTOX Cosmetic or Dyport gets rid of frown lines, forehead creases, crowsfeet creases around the eyes and even lines around … Continue Reading →

Not Smoking is Beautiful

“Cigarette smoking is a major factor in many disease processes, but did you realize how much it affects your appearance? Smoking ages you!” Every day people come into my office – or pull me aside at a party – and ask “What can I do to look better?” Since I am a cosmetic surgeon, they … Continue Reading →

Dance is beauty in motion

“Dance is beauty in motion. It expresses emotions without a single word. It is the ultimate visual art. And when seen live, it is an event that is unique and can never be exactly duplicated again. As an audience member, you are transported and swept up in the feelings of the movement. You close your … Continue Reading →