“Learn more about cosmetic procedures and receive one or more $50 gift certificates!*”

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

6:30-8:30 pm

Souther Auditorium in St. Vincent’s Hospital

9205 SW Barnes Road Portland, Oregon 97225

If you are new to Portland Face Doctor and haven’t attended a seminar with Dr. Magilke, now is a good time to hear him discuss facial procedures to help you look your best. You can also learn more about cosmetic surgery without a formal consultation. Seminar will include before and after photos of actual patients.

If you are an established patient with Portland Face Doctor , this is a great opportunity for you to let your friends in on the secrets that have kept you looking your best – and receive savings for you and your friends!

All Attendees receive a $50 gift certificate. Bring your friends and receive an additional $50 gift certificate for each new patient you introduce to Portland Face Doctor. The more new friends you bring, the more gifts you receive!

*$50 gift certificates can be applied to a minimal $100 purchase of procedures or products. Gift certificates are non-transferable, but can be combined and used with other discounts. The total value of the discounts, including the gift certificates, cannot exceed 50% of the purchase price.

RSVP at info@portlandlsc.com, or call 503-297-6511