Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It has been a cold December in Portland this year and you have probably noticed that your skin is getting dryer. This is common and we see changes in our skin throughout the seasons of the year that require different treatment based on the season. Should you be doing something differently?

With the cold, your skin needs better protection. And many times this means preserving the natural oils that protect our skin, or adding to them. Here are some tips to keeping your skin fresh the entire winter season:


You really need to moisturize, and everyone will tell you that it is best to apply our moisturizer while your skin is still a little damp. This applies to your face, your hands, and the rest of your body. In addition to keeping in your body’s own oils, the moisturizer will also help to protect you skin as a barrier to the cold and prevent dryness.

Step back from the exfoliants

Many cleansers and other skin care products we use contain chemicals such as the alpha hydroxyl acids (think glycolic acid) which will help with exfoliation or skin cell turn over. These are great for making your skin look fresher, but they also can dry out your skin.

You may also need to change your facial cleanser, or change other products. Since you skin’s needs are different with the seasons, you may need to change your products with the seasons as well. Consider moving from your glycolic cleanser to a gentler one, or one which also moisturizes or hydrates. Or add a hydrating product to your antioxidant products.

Cut out the long hot showers

The hotter the water, the more it removes you skin natural oils and barriers. And, the longer you are in the shower, the more this happens. So, go with warm water not scalding hot.

Continue to protect

You still need your sunscreen! Even though the days are shorter and we are all looking for sun to cure our affective seasonal disorder, those beneficial rays can still burn. So continue to use your sunscreen. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a skin care product, or makeup with sunscreen in it.

At the Portland Face Doctor, we offer Obagi, Epionce, and Jane Iredale skin care products. These are all physician grade and prevent the signs of aging at the cellular level, leaving your skin smoother and more radiant than any product you can find at a store. Additionally, we are happy to now offer Fridays for laser treatments, injectables, chemical peels, and skin rejuvenation consultations. Our RN, Kathy, works to provide you with “pre-weekend” treatments. Take advantage of a Friday afternoon appointment to have the treatment you’ve wanted, but did not have the downtime for!

It doesn’t take too much to take care of your skin during the winter, but a little goes a long way. Just remember that just like the seasons change, so does how we treat our skin!