Long gone are the days you have to go under the knife to achieve that youthful, refreshed, and approachable look. Facial rejuvenation procedures have soared and surpassed both breast and body procedures, according to the 2013 statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Botox treatment of the face, was the number one minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed last year in the United States. With over 8 million treatments performed, there were actually far more appointments booked for this non-surgical facial rejuvenation option compared to the more than 133,000 facelifts performed the same year.
What is the reason for the influx of injectables/fillers, creams and peels, and lasers as opposed to traditional facial plastic surgery?

1. They are safe!
The low risk factor and very low complication rates associated with noninvasive rejuvenation techniques are a big endorsement for today’s skeptical consumers. Most dermal fillers are based on substances the body produces naturally, making any risk of adverse reaction quite minimal. And of course, without surgery, there aren’t any incisions, scars or recovery time to worry about.

2. You can customize your treatment plan so that you get the results you desire:
Part of the reason there are so many nonsurgical procedures performed these days is that there are so many different options for products and techniques compared to surgery. For example, BOTOX® is just one type of muscle relaxer that can help smooth away dynamic wrinkles. And there are over a half-dozen different kinds of dermal fillers available for minimizing deeper wrinkles, as well as filling in facial scars or enhancing the lips.

3. The procedures are quick, easy and almost painless:
People are busy! Setting aside the couple of weeks that would be necessary for surgery and recovery after a surgery may be challenging when people have family and work commitments. Yet, nonsurgical procedures can be completed in-office during a lunch break! Botox Cosmetic injections and dermal fillers take just a few minutes to administer, and the results appear in a few days.

4. Non-surgical options are much more affordable than surgical procedures:
While cost means little if you are not satisfied with the results, with non-surgical options you have more flexibility in terms of trying something less invasive to get the same results that you could potentially get from a more expensive and invasive procedure. While you should consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon, it’s likely that trying a non-surgical option might be the best first route in accomplishing your goals.

A board-certified plastic surgeon is the only physician specifically trained in all aspects of both non-surgical treatments and traditional surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation. They have the unique ability to understand and offer both sets of procedures, allowing you to benefit from exactly what you need. If a practitioner only performs injections or only performs surgery, he/she may not have the ability to offer the combination that may be best for you, in terms of your desired goals.
At the Portland Face Doctor we specialize in both surgery and in non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. Not only are we board certified and located within one of the most premier medical centers in the Portland area, you can also be guaranteed that you will receive the best service and care. Please visit us at www.PortlandFaceDoctor.com for additional information on our staff and services as well as the range in non-surgical procedures we offer.