If you are thinking about rejuvenating your appearance with facelift, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the questions that the Portland Face Doctor, David Magilke, is frequently asked about facelift is whether it leaves scars. Here, the plastic surgeon discusses what you should know about facelift and scarring.

Why Surgery Leads to Scarring

Any procedure that requires cutting into the skin and creating an incision will leave a scar. In response to the surgical wound, the body creates scar tissue that has a different texture and quality than the surrounding skin.

Certain factors can influence the level of scarring after a facelift. For example, certain skin types are more prone to noticeable scarring than others. Lifestyle habits like smoking and eating a poor diet can also result in bad scars after surgery. And, not following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions can affect your scars, too.

Why Experience Matters

Another factor that can affect how noticeable your facelift scars look is the experience of your surgeon. As a trusted facelift surgeon, Dr. Magilke understands how to plan and execute surgery in a way that produces inconspicuous scarring. For example, he will carefully design your facelift incisions along the natural creases or anatomical contours of the skin, where scars will be mostly concealed once they heal. The incisions are generally created at or around the natural hairline, where scarring can be easily hidden by hair. Facelift incisions are frequently made in front of and around the ears, which have natural folds and creases perfect for concealing scars.

Dr. Magilke is also very well-versed in the surgical techniques needed to minimize noticeable scarring. For example, as he makes the necessary surgical modifications, he avoids pulling the skin too tight, as this can place excess tension on the incisions, resulting in wide, obvious scars.

Finally, Dr. Magilke will give you all the information you need to minimize the chances of large, noticeable scars after facelift, including detailed aftercare instructions to keep the incisions clean.

Learn More About Facelift

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