Chin Implants in Portland

When considering any facial plastic surgery procedure, including chin augmentation with an implant, it is important to have all the facts. Mistruths and misinformation can prevent you from realizing the benefits of chin implants or cause you to worry excessively about treatment. Read on as Dr. David Magilke dispels four of the most common myths about chin implants.

Chin implants usually look very obvious.

The belief that chin implants look very obvious and unnatural may stem from the assumption that implants are “one-size-fits-all.” In fact, implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes and projections to suit a diverse range of patients. Your implant can be as big or small as you would like it to be.

The key to finding an implant that looks natural is to rely on a facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Magilke, who has extensive experience with chin augmentation. He will help you select an implant size and shape that subtly enhances your chin without making it look unnaturally large or projected. Rest assured that achieving a natural looking result is not just your end goal — it is Dr. Magilke’s end goal, too! He wants you to be completely happy with your results.

Only men get chin implants.

Although a strong chin and defined jawline is an attractive masculine quality, women also benefit from the placement of chin implants. Implants help improve the balance and proportion of a woman’s facial features and provide a more defined facial profile.

Synthetic implants are dangerous.

Some candidates mistakenly believe the synthetic materials used for chin implants are dangerous. Actually, today’s chin implants are incredibly safe. They are made from biocompatible materials that are carefully tested and shown to safely last indefinitely. Dr. Magilke would be happy to provide more specific information about chin implant materials during a consultation.

The surgery itself is dangerous.

Any surgical procedure carries some risks. But generally speaking, the placement of a chin implant is safe when performed by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. The incisions to place the implant are very small and the odds of infection are low with the right aftercare.

If you have further questions or concerns about chin implants, Dr. Magilke invites you to schedule a consultation with him. A one-on-one appointment is the perfect opportunity to get the information you need about surgery and learn more about your options. To request an appointment with Dr. Magilke, please call or email us today.