Ok, I give up. BOTOX Cosmetic is truly like hair dye.

And yes, that makes part of my job the equivalent to working as a hair stylist. The argument goes like this.

  1. BOTOX Cosmetic and hair dye are not permanent, so you can always change the way you do it to get the look you want. If you hate it, you can stop doing it with no long term affects.
  2. If it is done right by a skilled professional it looks natural and no one has to know you are doing it. However, you can also brag to your girlfriends and celebrate your new look.
  3. If you keep up a regular schedule, the roots/wrinkles never return – so book your next appointment before you leave.
  4. It really is the most reliable and affordable options to seriously take years off your appearance.
  5. It is one of the most common beauty secrets among women, and a growing procedure among men. How many natural blonds with no wrinkles do you know?

The good news is most women love their hair stylist, and that feeling seems to transfer to the doctor providing their BOTOX Cosmetic treatments. Providing BOTOX Cosmetic treatments between surgeries is rewarding. It is good to be loved!

(As a side note, Dysport and BOTOX Cosmetic are used interchangeably in our clinic. Both work very well for smoothing out wrinkles and lines. I liken the choice to deciding between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. Cheers.)