There are many reasons people choose cosmetic surgery. One person might choose it to look the way they feel, others may choose a procedure to achieve greater self-confidence, or to add to their sense of well-being. Some seek to change a feature they’ve never liked, while others want to look more refreshed.

Today we are going to explore facelifts and the misconceptions surrounding this common procedure. A facelift involves repositioning the multiple layers of the lower face to restore the facial shape and definition with a gentle tightening of the skin. Restoration of the neck is normally performed at the same time to provide a unified look to the lower face, leaving you with a younger, more refreshed, and happier look.

One of the biggest misconceptions about facelifts is the cost. Many think that this procedure is well out of their budget. If you can afford a vacation for a week, you can afford to look amazing for your next trip! Facelifts are within reach for many more people than you might expect!

Another misconception about facelift surgery is the recovery time. It’s not as long as you think! After facelift surgery, stitches are dissolvable and will dissolve in two weeks. Small drainage tubes may be used for few days to avoid fluid build-up. In addition, a special compression, bandage is often used to protect the incisions and reduce swelling following surgery. Most patients can return to work approximately two weeks after undergoing facelift surgery. The worst of the swelling and bruising should have subsided by that time, but improvement continues for several months post-surgery.

Lastly, there are fears about scarring, and the risks involved with facelift surgery. While any surgical procedure entails risks, a facelift is generally considered to be a safe procedure. In terms of aesthetic complications, new techniques have made it easier to limit and hide scars and to produce natural-looking results for men and women.

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