The double chin is an aesthetic problem that troubles individuals of all ages. Fortunately, a new cosmetic treatment option is able to transform a poorly defined chin and jawline into a sleek and slender one. Kybella is an FDA approved injectable that dissolves fat in the submental region (underneath the chin). Here, Portland Face Doctor Dr. David Magilke discusses some of the benefits Kybella offers.

Minimally Invasive

Kybella is the only minimally invasive treatment available today to treat the double chin. Although effective, neck lift and liposuction are surgical procedures that involve making incisions into the skin to access the problem areas. On the other hand, Kybella only involves a series of injections. Using a tiny syringe, the Kybella solution is injected into the skin to break down submental fat. No general anesthesia is needed with Kybella (only a topical numbing agent), eliminating any associated risks that come with anesthesia. Minimal and temporary side effects with Kybella include redness and swelling. Surgical procedures like liposuction and neck lift come with a more extensive list of potential risks including excessive bleeding and poor wound healing.

Little to No Downtime

Treatment with Kybella takes approximately 20 minutes in Dr. Magilke’s office. Once it is completed, you are free to return home and resume your normal routine. Both liposuction and neck lift take much longer to complete. Typically patients are required to take one to two weeks off from work or their regular routine after liposuction or neck lift.

Results are Permanent

Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that aids in the breakdown of fat cells. When injected into the neck and chin areas, the solution destroys fat cells permanently, preventing them from re-generating. Should a patient gain weight in the future, it is will be more evenly distributed.

Is Kybella Right for You?

Has reading about the benefits of Kybella enticed you to learn more about the procedure? Dr. Magilke will gladly meet with you to answer all of your questions. He will also discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals in order to determine whether Kybella is right for you. To schedule a personal consultation, please call the Portland Face Doctor at (503) 297-6511.