By now, we all know that sunscreen protects from sun damage, but a recent study has found another benefit to lathering sunscreen: reversing signs of aging! Portland Face Doctor Dr. David Magilke takes a look at the findings in this blog post.

About the Study’s Findings

The study, published in Dermatologic Surgery, looked at 32 participants who applied SPF 30 sunscreen on a daily basis for one year. The sunscreen contained no known anti-aging ingredients, only those for hydration and sun protection. Skin assessments were taken at the beginning of the study and periodically for the year through dermatologist evaluations and participants’ self-assessments. At the 12 week mark, researchers noticed an improvement in signs of aging. At the end of the study, there was a 40 to 52 percent improvement in sun spots, pigmentation, skin texture and clarity.

How exactly does sunscreen reverse signs of aging? The researchers that conducted the study believe that because sunscreen prevents further sun damage, it gives skin the time to heal and regenerate, minimizing signs of aging.

It is important to note that the study’s findings are based on daily use of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen only during outings to the beach or pool is not enough to protect against the sun’s UV rays. Everyone is advised to apply sunscreen whenever outdoors and to reapply after two hours.

Choose Your Sunscreen Wisely

Not all sunscreens are equal. For the best results, you should use broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA (rays responsible for signs of aging) and UVB rays (those responsible for sunburns). If you’re looking for a new sunscreen, Dr. Magilke can help. The trusted doctor offers Epionce and Obagi sunscreen products, both of which include medical-grade ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide, two great defenses against sun damage.

If you struggle with sun damage, you may benefit from a skin care treatment like a chemical peel, laser treatment or microdermabrasion. Dr. Magilke customizes each treatment to each patient’s skin type and needs. To learn more about the skin care treatments or products he offers, please schedule a consultation. Call Dr. Magilke’s Portland office at (503) 297-6511.