If you are considering rhinoplasty, there are several decisions you will need to make, but none more important than the surgeon that will perform the surgery. Rhinoplasty is a highly complex procedure that should only be trusted to a trained, skilled and experienced surgeon.

A surgeon’s before-and-after photo gallery and patient testimonials are a great way to assess his or her skill and the potential results you can expect. Here, The Portland Face Doctor’s Dr. David Magilke discusses signs of a good rhinoplasty procedure to look for when viewing a surgeon’s before-and-after photos and patient reviews.

Natural-Looking Results

Expert rhinoplasty surgeons know how to make subtle tweaks to the nasal structures to produce a natural-looking outcome. They also tailor their surgical technique to the facial anatomy and needs of the individual patient. What looks most natural on one patient may look fake on another patient.

Facial Harmony

Even the most natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing nose can be a poor result if it is out of proportion or off balance with the other facial features. A nose that is too large or too small after rhinoplasty can alter the appearance of other areas, including the eyes and chin. Successful rhinoplasty enhances the appearance of the nose without compromising facial harmony. When looking at before-and-after rhinoplasty photos, be sure to analyze the patient’s full facial appearance, rather than just zooming in on the nose.

Proper Breathing

One reason why rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate cosmetic procedures is because any change to the nasal structures can affect function, including breathing. Take the time to read testimonials and reviews from former patients and see what they have to say about nasal function. Even the most expertly performed rhinoplasty procedure can result in a complication and poor breathing function, but if several patients complain of poor breathing after rhinoplasty, consider it a red flag. If you are considering rhinoplasty for both cosmetic and functional reasons, work with a surgeon who has experience with both.

With over 20 years in practice, Dr. Magilke is one of Portland’s most sought out facial plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty. We invite you to visit his before-and-after photo gallery and patient testimonials to read what former patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Magilke. To schedule a consultation with our trusted rhinoplasty surgeon, please call (503) 297-6511 or email our office today.