We ask ourselves this question daily. In fact, we use it as a guide when it comes to decisions and changes we make in our practice. As you know, we recently acquired patient records, additional OR and laser equipment and experienced staff from Dr. Lee Robinson’s office.

With this change, we saw the need to add treatment days and expand hours to meet the needs of Dr. David Magilke’s current patients and the ones joining us from Dr. Lee Robinson’s office.

We are fortunate to add Kathy Hodge, RN, to our team. She will provide consulting and administering injectables and laser treatments on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Kathy’s past experience as an EMT, trauma surgical nurse and cosmetic injector from Dr. Robinson’s busy office make her the best choice for your injectable needs.

Recent studies show that RN’s can be superior injectors due to their desire and ability to “follow doctor’s orders”. RN’s tend to spend more time with the patient listening, sympathizing and evaluating the patients needs. Some like to say female RN’s make better injectors because they have a “woman’s touch”.

We at Portland Face Doctor are happy to now offer Fridays for laser treatments , injectables, chemical peels, and skin rejuvenation consultations. Take advantage of a Friday afternoon appointment to have the treatment you’ve wanted, but did not have the downtime for! Just think, treatment on Friday afternoon, recover over the weekend and back to work on Monday.

Ask yourself, “would I take a prescription medication without consulting with a doctor?” The same question should be asked when deciding to have prescription grade medications injected into your face.

We believe you deserve, experience, quality care, compassion and consistent treatment follow up when choosing the practice to administer prescription medications and treatments.