“I love my cheeks. It is that subtle difference that makes all the difference”

I was recently asked by a friend what was my current favorite non-surgical procedure. I have always loved BOTOX injections, because patients are always happy. However, I am starting to believe cheek augmentations with Radiesse are thrilling just as many patients. The injections are relatively painless and the results are immediate. Patients have minor swelling and almost never bruise. And the results surprise patients. Most people don’t realize that it is the loss of cheek volume that causes many patients to look older. When the volume is replaced, the triangular shape of youth is restored. That subtle – can’t put your finger on it – improvement make patients smile.

Teresa is shown here before and immediately after Radiesse injections into her cheeks. With light make up on she was comfortable going back out in public.

The results last about a year, and I am finding that patients are adding Radiesse to their regiment of looking great. I use a technique that injects the Radiesse under the lip, so there is no skin bruising. This technique requires a thorough understanding of anatomy, so is probably best performed by a surgeon or similarly trained doctor. If done correctly, the procedure can be done during a lunch hour and even days before an important event.