“The myth clearly still exists – surgery takes months to recover from, and you need to hide out for the whole summer!”

I hear it nearly every day. “I would love to have a facelift and get rid of my neck, but I cannot take a month off work.” Or, “My daughter is getting married in 6 weeks, I don’t have time to recover.”

In reality, recovery from surgery is actually pretty quick. By 2 weeks, nearly everyone is back to their normal routine. True, some of the final swelling may take months to go away, but you look “normal” at 2 weeks, and often even sooner. And the best part is you have real results at 2 weeks – your neck is gone!

If you have been considering surgery and worry about time away from the activities you like to do, it is worth coming in for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your options. Chances are you can make the improvements you desire and be back to your life faster than you ever imagined. Like many medical myths, the need to hide out for months after cosmetic surgery is no longer true. And since facelift results today achieve such a natural appearance, reclaiming your jawline is something that can be done discretely without disrupting your lifestyle.