Okay, the secret is out. Men in Portland use BOTOX Cosmetic too.

While a few character lines and wrinkles make you appear rustic and trust worthy, looking mad or concerned all the time can be a hindrance. Who wants to approach a salesman or boss that looks cross? A resting frown-line really can change the way the world views you – and not always in a good way.

Women have grown up with the awareness that a few beauty secrets can really make a difference in your appearance – whether it is cosmetic surgery, laser procedures or just a small amount of lipstick. Men often discover cosmetic enhancements later in life – and often are brought into the clinic for the first time by their wives, girlfriends or partners. However, once the improvement is achieved, men enjoy the benefits of looking friendly, energetic and attractive just as much as women. And while they might not share their “beauty secrets” in the locker room or on the golf course, most view their treatments as a worthwhile competitive advantage in an ever more competitive social and economic climate. Maybe a good haircut and a little BOTOX Cosmetic are the new keys to a man’s success!