(Note from Dr. David Magilke: In my practice I’ve noticed that prospective patients are very curious about the actual experience of any surgery or procedure they’re considering undergoing. My patient Deborah Sayler (that’s her real name) has agreed to share her experience on my blog. We performed a facelift on Deborah in our surgical suite on June 7, 2010. This series of five blog entries describes Deborah’s decision-making process, her surgical experience, and her recovery.

The pieces were written by journalist Margie Boulé. This is the fifth of five entries.)

“I am eminently, eminently satisfied.”

Six weeks after plastic surgery, Deborah Sayler is “eminently, eminently satisfied” with the result of her facelift. “I am absolutely, unequivocally glad” she had the procedure done.

Her recovery is essentially complete. The tautness around her ears “is 99 percent gone.” The bruising is long gone.

Deborah’s hairdresser was so impressed with Dr. Magilke’s work, “she asked for a bunch of his business cards. She wants to give them out when people ask her for the name of a good plastic surgeon. She said the incisions were done exactly right.” Sometimes, in her hairdresser’s experience, surgeons will cut through a person’s hairline. “Dr. Magilke did not disturb the hairline. So my hair grew back properly and lays like it should.”

Deborah says she no longer even thinks about the neck that made her so self-conscious, just a month-and-a-half ago. “I just feel like myself again.

“Except for the weight.” Deborah has more weight to lose, but she’s lost 8 pounds since her surgery. ”It gave me more motivation, it spurred me on. You look in the mirror and think, ‘Gee, all I have to do is get the body back to go with the neck, and I’ll have the whole package done.’”

Deborah admits “I used to think that women who got cosmetic procedures done were just throwing away money. Because the majority of what we see is the stars, famous people who’ve had plastic surgery. I think they are an unfortunate representation of the skill some plastic surgeons have, and the good that plastic surgery can do. Nobody has to look like Joan Rivers.

“I feel like I look like myself again. It makes you feel like the person that you know you are.”