“Cigarette smoking is a major factor in many disease processes, but did you realize how much it affects your appearance? Smoking ages you!”

Every day people come into my office – or pull me aside at a party – and ask “What can I do to look better?” Since I am a cosmetic surgeon, they are often looking for the inside scoop on the newest procedure or product to reverse the effects of time. And for many people, surgeries, injections, lasers and products can make a big difference in appearance. However the advice I give to my friends and family is PREVENTION. The number one recommendation – Don’t smoke.

While looking on the internet recently I came across a great article on WebMD (click here for link) It shows photos of identical twins – one who smoked and one who did not. The differences are not subtle. The non-smokers have less wrinkles, fewer eyelid bags, better skin, … They no longer look identical, and the smokers often look like older sisters. These are the photos to show teenagers who are experimenting with smoking – smoking is clearly not glamorous.

So while it is very rewarding for me as a surgeon to help patients look their best now, I know that lifestyle ultimately effects your overall appearance. Making good health decisions help you live longer and look better – and the evidence is very clear.