Medical grade skincare products have several important attributes that department store and celebrity skincare brands lack. Many patients who have spent years using over-the-counter skincare products are surprised by how much more effective medical grade skincare can be. Dr. David Magilke offers a variety of medical grade skincare products such as Epionce®, Obagi®, Colorescience® and many others. In this post, Dr. Magilke explains how medical grade skincare stacks up against department store and celebrity brands.

Higher Potency of Active Ingredients

The most obvious attribute of professional strength skincare products is their higher concentration of active ingredients. Over-the-counter skincare products often feature relatively low amounts of active ingredients such as Vitamin C. This is because mass-market products need to be safe for everyone to use. However, medical grade skincare products can use higher amounts of active ingredients because a qualified professional is helping you determine whether a particular product is safe for you to use.

Customized Skincare Regimen

Everyone has their own unique skin type: doesn’t it make sense that you should have a customized skincare regimen? Department store and celebrity brands simply can’t offer this because they must design their products for the largest possible group of consumers. A lack of clear instructions for use can also cause consumers to improperly apply skincare products, leading to lackluster results and possible side effects. Medical grade skincare is dispensed by an experienced medical professional, who can help you select the right products for your skin type and instruct you on how to properly use them.

Complements Surgical or Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Patients who undergo surgical procedures or skin rejuvenation should use medical grade skincare to maintain and enhance their results. A qualified medical professional will direct you as to which medical grade skincare products you need to use to preserve your skin’s appearance following a procedure. Consulting with an experienced medical professional gives you the opportunity to adjust your skincare regimen appropriately whenever you have a surgical or skin rejuvenation procedure.

Consult with Dr. Magilke

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