facelift vs mini-lift

Many people wish to age gracefully, but their genetics, lifestyle or environmental factors cause early lines and wrinkles, volume loss and other face and neck changes. Facelift and mini facelift can reverse signs of aging, helping you look like a younger vision of yourself. The proper face procedure for you depends on your skin quality, underlying facial structures and severity of facial aging.

Dr. David Magilke, our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon at Portland Face Doctor offers facelift, mini-lift, neck lift and other face procedures to combat moderate to severe signs of aging. Candidates for these facial plastic surgeries need to be in good overall health, nonsmokers and have realistic expectations for results. Facelift and mini-lift provide natural-looking outcomes that help men and women age more gracefully, offering youthful results for many years, even decades.

What is Facelift?

Facelift is more invasive than mini-lift, taking several hours in the operating room. Our skilled surgeon makes an incision at the temples behind the hairline and a second beneath the chin if the neck region also shows signs of aging. Facial skin is separated from underlying muscle and tissues, then trimmed and tightened for a smoother facial appearance. Facial muscles may be strengthened and repositioned along with fat deposits, which tend to shrink and descend with age.

Facelift incision lines are concealed in the hairline. Patients can expect some swelling, discomfort and numbness that may be managed with prescription medicine from our doctors. Patients can resume light activity within a few days and return to work after one to two weeks.

Facelift and neck lift provide comprehensive results for a more youthful appearance with fewer lines and wrinkles and a supple facial contour.

What is Mini-Lift?

The mini facelift takes just one hour in the operating room and provides long-lasting, natural-looking results. The mini-lift focuses on the lower face, improving skin laxity in the jowls, cheeks and neck with an incision in the hairline near the temples. Dr. Magilke focuses on generalized facial sagging with the mini procedure. Mini-lift is often combined with neck lift for more transformative results and takes years off one’s appearance.

Mini-lift uses IV sedation instead of general anesthesia, offering a safer procedure with less swelling and bruising that allows patients to go home right after surgery. Excess skin and fat pockets are removed from the face and neck, and our surgeons reposition the remaining fat, muscles and underlying structures for a younger facial shape. Mini-lift results rely on good skin elasticity. People with severely damaged skin tissues may need a complete facelift, but mini-lift can correct moderate skin laxity and an aging facial shape.

Patients who choose mini-lift may feel comfortable in public within a few days and tend to return to work in a week or less.

If you struggle with loose facial skin and signs of aging, contact the Portland Face Doctor to schedule a consultation with Dr. Magilke. Call (503) 297-6511 or fill out our online contact form