“I really never even think about my scars. No one notices them.”

It seems like daily patients express concerns about scars after surgery. “Won’t everyone be able to tell that I had surgery?” These concerns are reasonable, because all operations leave scars. The trick with cosmetic surgery is to place the scars in locations that look “natural”, and to perform the surgery is such a way that the scars are very thin and fade away with time.

When discussing scars, a picture is worth a thousand words. This 70 year old patient had a facelift 6 weeks ago. She wears minimal make up and has short, thin hair. Even if you know where to look, I think it is difficult to see her scars. From a distance (or with makeup coverage) the scars disappear.

This 60 year old gentleman had a facelift 3 months ago, and has no hair to conceal his scars – and wears no makeup. Scarring has not been a concern for him either.

If you are considering surgery, worrying about scarring is natural. However, looking at actual scars is reassuring. It is a rare occasion that patients worry about scarring after surgery, even though it is a major concern before surgery. Don’t let your fear of scarring keep you from procedures that can help you look the way you feel.