“Dance is beauty in motion. It expresses emotions without a single word. It is the ultimate visual art. And when seen live, it is an event that is unique and can never be exactly duplicated again. As an audience member, you are transported and swept up in the feelings of the movement. You close your eyes and envision yourself moving with effortless grace across the stage. Your aging body is now powerful and strong, and beautiful beyond words. For a brief time your thoughts are not consumed by the cares of the day – you are just enjoying.”

As a facial plastic surgeon, I cannot help but love dance. For over ten years I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of directors for Whitebird Dance. We present modern dance in Portland, Oregon. It is a non-profit organization that truly holds a charitable mission. The arts so often get left behind, particularly in a weak economy. Many view art as a luxury that can be done without when times are tough. However, in my mind it is the tough times when art is most needed.

Our office places a high importance of giving back to the community and we contribute monthly to foster children, homeless shelters, medical relief, … I also contribute to the arts. Many charities assist others to live life, where as the arts help make life worth living. If you have a chance to see modern dance – or any live dance performance – I highly recommend it. And remember that ticket sales rarely cover the costs of presenting the performances. Contributions from donors allow dance companies to survive and present their visions to the public. It is important to me to support the dream, so my children can sit in my seat in years to come, and experience the joys I have felt. If you can, please support the arts.