Benefits of Combining Multiple Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures in Portland

Dr. David Magilke deeply believes in offering patients a personalized approach to plastic surgery. Your vision, goals and priorities are unlike anyone else’s, and you deserve a completely customized treatment plan.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Magilke may recommend combining multiple facial procedures into a single surgery. In this post, he discusses some of the advantages of this approach.

More Transformative Results

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of combining multiple procedures is that it addresses multiple areas of the face for more extraordinary results. One of the best examples is combining facelift, which treats the middle and lower regions of the face and neck, with a procedure that rejuvenates the eyes (e.g., eyelid surgery or brow lift). This combination approach results in a balanced face that looks harmonious. Another good example is combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation to balance out the proportions of the nose and chin.

Saves Time

Another advantage of combining multiple procedures into a single surgery is that it saves you valuable time. Instead of scheduling multiple surgeries and having to block out time for consultation and recovery from each (which can require extra time off from work), you undergo one surgery and can recover from all procedures simultaneously.

Though the recovery period may be slightly longer than the time you would spend recovering from a single procedure, ultimately the recuperation process is much shorter than if you were to undergo each procedure separately.

Saves Money

There is also potential cost savings to this approach. When paying for plastic surgery, you are not only covering the surgeon’s fees but also the fee for the operating room and the anesthesiologist. Instead of paying a facility fee and anesthesiologist’s fee multiple times for multiple surgeries, you are only billed for these expenses once.

Less Opportunity for Complications

Patient safety is Dr. Magilke’s ultimate priority, and he does everything he can to make your treatment as safe as possible. A single surgery with a single round of anesthesia offers less opportunity for something to go awry (e.g., infection, bad reaction to anesthesia) than multiple surgeries.

Achieve Final Outcomes Faster

Staging out multiple procedures into separate surgeries lengthens the timeframe of your transformation. With a single combination operation, you can attain your desired outcomes quicker than you would if you spaced out your procedures.

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