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If you are considering facial plastic surgery, you may be wondering what time of year would be best to schedule surgery. It’s natural to want to plan your elective surgical procedure for the most convenient and stress-free time possible. Many patients of Dr. David Magilke find that spring is the best time for facial plastic surgery. Let’s explore why.

Spring Weather

Mild spring weather is typically comfortable. Spring weather may vary from region to region, but in most regions, spring is a very popular time for plastic surgery. First, spring is a time when seasonal depression tends to lighten, which helps to ensure a more positive postoperative time for many. At the same time, rainy weather can support rest and recovery.

Less Chance of Sun Damage

Additionally, the risks of sun damage are lower during spring than in the summertime. Avoiding high levels of sun exposure after surgery is critical for multiple reasons. Exposure to heat from the sun can increase post-operative swelling. Sunlight and UV exposure can darken incision lines and exacerbate the visibility of scarring. Finally, sun exposure after facial plastic surgery can actually accelerate signs of aging, causing wrinkles, pigmentation and fine lines. To avoid cosmetic skin damage, as well as an increased risk of skin cancer, plastic surgeons will recommend wearing SPF moisturizer, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats when outdoors or avoiding the sun altogether during post surgical recovery.

Lighter Schedules and Fewer Holidays

People often schedule surgery to coincide with spring because of vacation time accrued, or fewer school or scheduling pressures due to spring break.  Fewer holidays on the spring calendar can also allow for more privacy during surgical recovery. For college students, spring break can allow for a discrete recovery time during the break from classes. Another benefit is that recovering during the springtime can allow time for full recovery before fun summer social events roll around.

How Long Does Recovery Last?

Recovery time after facial plastic surgery can depend on the type of procedure, the patient’s age and health status. However, recovery generally requires taking time off of work for one to two weeks and avoiding heavy activity for around two to four weeks after surgery. Pain during initial recovery is not typically extreme but discomfort, swelling and bruising are normal and can be managed with pain medication. Being able to recover discreetly during spring months can allow for a more restful and stress-free experience.

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