Laser Treatments Vs. Injectables Portland, OR

Patients often ask us about the difference between the benefits of laser treatments versus injectables as they consider non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Laser treatment and injectables are definitely far less invasive options than plastic surgery for those who want a rejuvenated look. These two skin treatment approaches have many similarities, but also some key differences.

Laser Treatments

Many of us want to fight signs of skin aging as skin elasticity and a youthful glow fade. Laser treatments can be great, non-surgical options for correcting signs of aging or sun damage or other imperfections, including moles, freckles, sunspots or hyperpigmentation. Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and requires very little in-office and recovery time. Sometimes, laser treatments are also used to remove unwanted hair or the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores, spider veins or blood vessels. Laser treatments stimulate the natural production of collagen and can offer a tighter and brighter skin appearance.

Possible Laser Treatments Side Effects

Side effects are typically nothing more than mild discomfort, but less common risks can include burns, scarring, redness, itching, irritation or infection. Lasers are used on an outpatient basis. Depending on the specific technology used, some patients can receive treatments on a lunch break and go right back to work if desired!

Injectable Treatments

As we age, the amount of fat in our faces naturally decreases. This can contribute to and accentuate imperfections such as crow’s feet, lip lines and fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Much like laser treatments, injectables are a good option for patients who desire a more youthful look but are not interested in an invasive surgical procedure.

How Injectables Work?

Injectables include neurotoxin-based products, such as Botox, to gently restrict facial muscle movement, and filler products like hyaluronic acid to restore volume and fullness. This helps fade the appearance of wrinkles and adds plumpness back to the facial features. Injectables are typically used on the face and neck, or sometimes on the hands.

Like laser treatments, injectables are less invasive, less risky, more affordable and require less downtime than plastic surgery. However, the results are temporary and will require repeated procedures over time to maintain results. Also, like laser treatments, the risk of serious side effects is generally low. Redness, bruising, mild discomfort and swelling may occur for the first several days, but serious complications are very rare.

Which One is Right For Me?

Deciding between laser treatments and injectables may depend on your unique aesthetic goals. The best way to determine which procedure is most appropriate for you is to consult with your plastic surgeon. Our team is happy to discuss your options with you and determine which will help you acquire your desired look. We offer a wide variety of laser treatment and injectable products to best suit your individual needs.

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